VAT review

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Why a VAT review?

You doubt whether your company would successfully pass a VAT inspection? You are not sure you are benefiting from all potential VAT opportunities or simplifications?

VAT regulations and VAT case law are complex and rapidly evolving. A VAT review provides you in an efficient manner with a practical, to-the-point overview of potential risks and opportunities for your organization.

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What to expect?

A VAT review entails the following steps:

1. Intake

Based on a questionnaire, a review of VAT compliance information of the past years (a.o. VAT returns, listings, tax code mappings, ledgers,..) and an online meeting we map your transactions and VAT status.

2. Analysis

If ledgers are provided to us in Excel, we will perform a number of logical tests on the data. If needed, we can assist with the configuration of the reports (depending on the ERP or accounting system). Based on the intake and the results from the logical checks, certain documents, invoices or contracts will be reviewed more in depth.

3. Result

You will receive a to-the-point report that explains the risks and opportunities. The findings together with potential recommendations or next steps will be further discussed during a closing meeting (face-to-face or via video conference).

Price: between 3.500 en 6.000 EUR (please contact us for detailed fee quote)