VAT advice

VAT advice, VAT compliance, SAP and E-invoicing | Trusted VAT advisor for Businesses and Nonprofits | Pragmatic support from experienced VAT experts

In short

You can rely on us for any VAT related advice. Our clients are companies (of all sizes and active in all types of industries), governments and non-profit organizations. We are based in Belgian and via our selected network of advisors we can assist with VAT or GST questions in almost any country around the globe.

How we work

We prefer to work with upfront fee estimates. We value transparent and honest communication.

Our “added value”

  • Our team consists of experienced and dedicated VAT consultants with a minimum of 5 years experience who are fluent in English, Dutch and French.
  • Our approach is practical. We know the buzz words, but explain the issues in understandable language.
  • Our unique link with our affiliate “Customs Square” makes that we can provide integrated customs advice, which has proven to be a real differentiator in the market.
  • We work with experienced and knowledgeable VAT and GST advisors around the globe. Our independent status allows us to select the best in their field to support us and our clients.
  • We have a dedicated team with a technology background to stay on top of the evolutions in the digital economy such as real time reporting, e-invoicing and SAP.
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We can 
help you with

  • Belgian VAT advice
  • VAT and Sales Tax advice in other countries (via a selected network of VAT and GST advisors worldwide)
  • Drafting of VAT decision tables in Excel or in the form of a web-based automated tool (to assist AP or finance departments)
  • VAT reviews/data-analytics to identify potential risks and opportunities
  • Assistance with VAT audits and preparation of objections or requests for reduction/exemption of fines
  • Regularizations of the past
  • Application for rulings

Our clients

Our clients are very diverse in terms of size, activity and location. 

We assist small, medium and large companies in different industries (wholesale, manufacturing, immovable, retail, logistic, pharma, healthcare,…) that are based in a wide range of countries in the EU, US, UK and many other non-EU countries. Our clients are active in Belgium, other EU and non-EU countries.  

We also advise many non-profit organizations and governments.  

Some examples:  

  • Manufacturing companies (with worldwide production)  
  • Logistic companies with warehousing and/or transport services  
  • Traders who buy and sell worldwide  
  • Non- profit (lobby) organizations, sport clubs, cultural associations, educational institutions,… 
  • Real estate: construction companies, developers,… 
  • Healthcare: hospitals, elderly homes, doctors, paramedic …. Also, we assist with the implementation of VAT groups and cost sharing associations in this sector. 
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