In-house VAT (compliance) support

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  • Your organization has no internal VAT specialist but your finance department has to deal with  VAT questions on a regular basis or is responsible for foreign VAT compliance?  
  • Your internal VAT specialist is (temporarily) absent (illness, maternity leave, resignation,…)?  
  • Your internal VAT team is overloaded and needs (temporary) support or additional expertise? 

How we can help?

  • Our VAT services 
    We can assist on-site or remotely depending on your preference and needs. 
  • Support from VAT experts with the right experience for you 
    We offer support by a VAT expert with the right qualifications and personality (e.g. experience with SAP implementations, pan EU VAT compliance, in-house experience, real estate,…).  
  • When and where you need us 
    Depending on your needs, we can assist from half a day per month to multiple days per week. We can work remotely or in-house. Meetings abroad are possible as well.
  • With additional support 
    On top, our VAT experts can reach out to  colleagues where specific expertise is required (a.o. customs advice, e-invoicing rules,…) or to our network for information on VAT/Sales tax rules in other countries.