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Many EU-countries are introducing mandatory (structured) e-invoicing and e-reporting in the coming years.

As from 1 January 2026 Belgium obliges:

  • All Belgian based VAT taxpayers to issue structured electronic invoices for B2B supplies in Belgium.
  • All non Belgian VAT taxpayers with a Belgian VAT number to be able to receive structured electronic invoices for local B2B supplies in Belgium.

Structured e-invoicing explained (for Belgian established VAT taxpayers)

Structured e-invoicing explained (for non- Belgian established VAT taxpayers with a Belgian VAT number):

Our services

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1. Independent e-invoicing software comparison

For who: taxpayers seeking independent advice on the best e-invoicing solution. This can be the activation of a solution in your current ERP or accounting software, or an integration with an e-software solution from an external provider.

Why: The right e-invoicing software differs per organization. Therefore, we do not partner with a specific e-software solution provider but rather collaborate with almost all providers. This allows us to compare different solutions on different parameters (e.g. compatibility with current systems, implementation timeline, user friendliness, compliant with rules in other countries if applicable, set-up and recurring costs,…).

What: Our independent e-invoicing software comparison includes the following: 

  1. Basic training on e-invoicing (1.5u). During this training we explain the basic principles, terms and buzzwords in e-invoicing. This will ensure better conversations with software providers, easier reporting within your organisation and (during implementation) a smoother cooperation with the IT department.
  2. Analysis of your current activities (to identify which countries can impose requirements on e-invoicing) and of your invoicing and accounting processes including the exceptional invoicing flows.
  3. Shortlist of 3 software solutions (current ERP or accounting system and/or third-party software providers).
  4. Organization of and guidance during meetings with the 3 short listed supplies (3 meetings of approximately 1-2 hours).
  5. Delivery of a software solution scorecard with a recommended “best choice”. We score on a diverse number of parameters such as implementation costs, country coverage, recurring cost, scaling for potential growth, financial stability of the provider, compatibility with current ERP and accounting system,…).
  6. Closing meeting

Price: 4.750,00 EUR excl. VAT + 1.500,00 EUR excl. VAT per additional country in scope (e.g. Belgian company with activities in Germany and subject to the German e-invoicing legislation as well). 

2. Review of your current e-invoicing solution

For who: (Belgian) taxpayers looking for a review of the current e-invoicing software.

Why: To ensure compatibility with the applicable rules on structured electronic invoicing.

What: Our independent e-invoicing review includes the following:

  • 0.5 day review of typical recurring transactions by a VAT specialist and an e-invoicing specialist (2 experts will participate in the workshop).
  • Bullet point report including:
    • Risk and/or recommendations for VAT
    • Compliance score and recommendations on requirements of integrity, readability, and authenticity of the invoices
    • Compliance score and recommendations on archiving and security such as encryption, digital signatures, access
    • Review of invoice requirements and mandatory references
    • Future proof score of the current e-invoicing solution
  • Closing meeting (online) to discuss risk and/or opportunities for VAT and e-invoicing.

Price: 2.750 EUR excl. VAT

Vergadering bij de btw-lijn
Vergadering bij de btw-lijn

3. Workshop – how to process e-invoices for Finance

For who: anyone working with structured electronic invoices (accountants, accounts payable, finance,…).

Why: As the structured electronic is the only version of the truth, it is important to be able to read and interpret this.

What: Workshop (2h) where we learn to:

  • understand and read structured electronic invoices
  • understand the basics of electronic invoices
  • communicate with clients and suppliers

Price: 1.250 EUR excl. VAT

4. Assistance with e-invoicing solution implementation and set-up

The implementation of an e-invoicing solution often require significant involvement of the tax or finance team to ensure proper setup, testing and compatibility with both e-invoicing and VAT legislation. Where needed, we can help both to guide along the process or lend a hand during the implementation itself. Please contact us, so we can discuss your needs.

Important aspects during implementations are:

  • Quality of product and supplier/customer data
  • Tax code setup
  • Training for stakeholders in working with e-invoices and both the risks and opportunities involved
  • Communication with suppliers and customers to increase automation possibilities
Vergadering bij de btw-lijn